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. the department of justice by after the state of texas again. attorney general eric colder determined to allow voting nationwide without requiring identification. kansas secretary of state among our guests here tonight to say why the integrity of our electoral system must be preserved. and the end of the road is near for the self-proclaimed hugger. san diego mayor. and bradley manning wants to be called chelsea as it pursues taxpayer funded gender reassignment therapy from is leavenworth prison cell. the "a-team" takes up all that and a great deal more. we begin with another possible reason that the president's foreign policy is so incoherent and ineffective that members of his own administration seem uninformed. today state department news conference on syria and so-called red lines featured as a shocking contradiction from spokesperson jan psyche. take a lesson. >> the red line is the use of chemical weapons. that was crossed a couple of months ago. the president took action, which we talked at the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line and that t
to sue texas, saying it discriminates against minority voters. >>> the wildfire burning near yosemite national park has more than tripled in the last day, and the work to put it out is just getting started. ♪ >> there has been international outrage over yesterday's chemical weapons attack in syria. hundreds of residents were killed, victims, they say, of toxic nerve gas. and some first responders in syria died after treating victims. the aledged attack happened in a suburb of damascus. president obama has directed the intelligence community to gather information about the use of chemical weapons in syria. we want to warn you, some of the video we are about to show you is graphic, and we have selected images we thought were appropriate to air. >> reporter: a day after hundreds of syrians including women and children were killed or injured, a search among the dead for missing relatives. more than is 1300 people died after government forces used chemical weapons in a number of areas. an accusation strongly denied by the government. the french government demanding some sort of action. >
. waging hard to get a ban in colorado and virginia. they succeeded in texas. >> he typically is not somebody who has been told no very much. >> reporter: now, meet the man who got him booted out of texas, bill walters. >> he said he could never be successful if he sold through franchise dealers, he never tried it. >> reporter: he invited us to meet him in austin, mainly to prove it is all slicked back dealers and shiny suits. he said that dealers, many of them, are extremely heinous. he called on people who have been screwed over in texas by an auto dealer, saying this is payback time. >> that is just totally wrong. >> reporter: he is also quick to appoi point out that the only thing texas asked him to do was play by the same rules as everybody else. >> this happens all the time, somebody wants an exception to the franchise laws. and our policymakers don't want to make an exception, when this company, tesla, could do better selling through a franchise dealer network of his own cho e choosing, there is no reason to make a change. >> reporter: musk believes the state governmen
to block texas' new voter i.d. law. it was implemented after the supreme court back in june struck down a key provision of the 1965 voting rights act. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us live. it's making headlines. >> it escalates the battle. the center piece is the supreme court's decision striking down the heart of the voting rights act. before the court ruled texas had to get preclearance for any changes on the election law and the federal court said no both to texas changing its voter i.d. law and redrawing its district lines for congressional and legislative districts. after that the justice department is pursuing new courts. we can't stop you under the old voting rights act but we'll use a new section to claim this voter i.d. law is unconstitutional. a written statement says we will not allow the supreme court's decision to be determined as open season for the states to pursue measures that suppress voting rights. what the court is saying -- or the justice department now is, rather, saying it's unconstitutional on its face and it's also asking the court in texas
texas, charles greenaway, an old missionary in the assemblies of god, stood up and he threw out a scripture, lavidicus 9 and 10. he said the rich were instructed to take the corner of their fields and give it to the poor. he said your field is like your income. your corners are your outgo. and this is what he said. the bigger you make your corners to god, the bigger he'll make your field. i snickered. told a preacher friend next to me, he got it backwards. i knew he had messed up. you know how you do, you're so busy preaching, you just mess up. because i told god if you want more from me, if you'll give me more, i'll give give me more. then he said it again. then he said, malaki is the only book in the bible where god said f you will throw me a seed f you bring tithes and offerings to me and prove me, prove my existence, and this is what he said -- he's an old missionary preacher -- he says, if you throw god a seed or an offering and more comes back than what you threw up, that's how you know he exists. never heard that before. and then he says, he was going to receive faith pro
dinero. >>> hubo tensiÓn en el town hall en dallas, texas, para buscar o co formas de frenar la rdeforma de salud, conocida como obcama car, varios manifestantes interrmp e interrumpieron al senador por x texas, ted cruz las interrup'cionecarro cuers v varias ocasiones, carlos nbbo l botifoll ataestaba ahÍ. >>> cuando uno de los favoritos de los repuhbs coblicanos cons e conservadores, ted cruz t hablaba de impedir el obcama care, un joven le grito del su sufrimiento de su familia y del 60 % de los seis millones sin seguro medico son hispanos >>> muchos respaldan el plan de cruz para privar de fondos al l llamado obcama care, a una cuc t cuestionan la prÁctica de hasta paralizar el gobierno para log lograrlo. >>> grupos hispanos ho persiguen al senador republicano para roprotestar por sus po posiciones extremas, y dicen que le causa extraÑeza que un hijo de un inmigrante cubano se opona oponga al la rfefmeforma migra. >>> para muchos cruz es una es l estrella en ascenso de los rep b republicanos pero comentarios, agresividad le han causado problemas con miembros de su propio par
and dreams of a small texas town in the state of texas rest squarely on the broad athletic shoulders of their star running back and his trusted towel manager. look at hank go. touchdown! yay, dad! ( all cheering ) okay, stop it. no one wants to watch this. hey, who wants to dance? dale, help me move that couch. dang it! what's the matter, hank? you don't want to see the part where you broke your ankle? film's a little grainy, but i think you can see bone. i don't want to see my ankle and i don't want to carry the dang torch. uh... anyone want to see nancy in an art film? shug! dad. someday someone's going to make the world's largest fruit pie and the next day i'm going to get in the guinness book of world records for eating it. bobby, i'm not in the mood for riddles right now. i'm just saying i hope you aren't backing out because you feel bad for me. i'll have my moment in the sun someday. but this one's yours. you're a hero. you took arlen high to state. ( sighing ): i'm not a hero. i'm a disgrace. bobby: okay, your trousers are filthy. but so were everybody else's. forget about it.
say the same? and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. be and let me just show you what 13,000 people living under canvas looks like. they built this from scratch. the camp need clean water, sanitation. there is a lot that
to killing more than a dozen afghan civilians say he's sorry. >>> the justice department moves to sue texas over its voter i.d. laws saying its racist. 700,000 acres scorched in the west, now wildfires threaten yosemite park. [♪ music ] >> our top story, the u.s. wants answers, the u.n. is demanding access but is getting nowhere, and international outrage continues to grow over an alleged chemical attack in syria. 1300 people are believed dead. president obama urged intelligence community to quickly gather information about the use of chemical weapons in syria. the government denies that they use chemical weapons, but washington does not believe they have the means for chemical warfare. >> reporter: a day after hundreds of syrians including women and children, were killed or injured, a search among the dead for missing relatives. syrian opposition say more than 1300 people died after government forces used chemical weapons in a number of areas east and west of the capitol of damascus. but the shocking picture of the victims have brought swift international condemnation. the french governm
they will take the state of texas to court to strike down the new law requiring voters to have photo i.d.'s, the second time the federal government has sued texas over the law and the first lawsuit of its kind since the supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act. the justice department says that the measure would make it harder for minorities and poor to vote. >> we have new details in the case of embattled san diego mayor. the 70-year-old is planning to step down from office tomorrow. that is according to our sister station in san diego who says it is part of a deal reached to settle a sexual harassment suit. 18 women have come forward accusing filner of harassment. the council will vote on the deal tomorrow with the former congressman resigning after that. hannah anderson is speaking to set the record trait about her kidnapping and the relateship with the kidnapper. she was taken by family friend, james dimaggio, this month. police found the bodies of her mother and her brother in dimaggio's home in san diego. anderson, the girl, and dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen
-jazeera. >>> the justice department going to court today on the texas voter i.d. law. according to attorney general eric holder, the doj will argue the texas law is discriminatory based on race. >>> and the owners of japan's troubled fukushima nuclear plant say they need outside help. the alert level set to be raised to level 3, the highest since the earthquake and tsunami. >>> and ear' looking at showers and storms across the northwest giving rain and lightning on some very dry ground. so we'll take the rain but the lightning causing problems with the fire situation and wind picking up as well. a little rain in idaho, montana, western wyoming but the southwest not getting any rain at all as these showers are pushing to the north. there is what is left of the typhoon over china causing a lot of flooding in the philippines and dropping a lot of rain over the region. not a lot of rain in the northeast but heavier showers around new jersey, moving through new york. this will cause the temperatures to drop a bit. once the rain moves out, cooler airs moves in. across the southeast, gulf moisture giving showe
your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas, and i'm an associate producer for america tonight. i grew up in a very large, loud indian family. they very much taught me how to have a voice, and from a very young age i loved writing, and i love being able to tell other people stories. the way to do good journalism is to really do your research, to know your story, to get the facts right, and to get to know the people involved in your story. america tonight and al jazeera america, it's a perfect place for that to happen. >> welcome back. let's recap our top stories. there are new calls for the united nations to take action following an alleged toxic attack by the syrian government. officials there deny the military use chemical weapons. >>> former president hosni mubarak was released from prison. he was flown to a hospital and when he leaves the hospital he'll be put under hous
you stay on top of it for us. >> we move to texas where jurors are deliberating in the trial ol army psychiatrist charged in the fort hood shooting rampage. nadal hasan is representing himself and chose not to make a closing argument statement. >> two people were killed in it the shooting and dozens of others were hurt. hasan faces the death penalty ia convicted. >>> crowds gathered in the northwest today in preparation for the d.c. statehood and st self-determination rally in march. >>> mayor gray was among those in attendance at freedom plaza this afternoon and artists putut their thoughts to paper and poster boards they believe will help promote civil rightsmote saturday morning at the d.c. wat memorial. >>> growing outrage over an american-muslim group plan tous march in washington.li >> the grouph called the american-muslim political action committee is approved to hold march september 11th billed as million muslim march. >> muslims denounce terrorism.n they say that date iss insensitive to september 11th and their families. rallies are supposed to happen on the national maul,
every -- year the number one pick of all of the law enforcement appearances with in texas. >> that was just part of the 911 call from the lieutenant governor of texas trying to get through to someone after finding a relative was in jail >> i intend to jump into this and see what can be done to [inaudible] very nice lady for a miscarriage of justice and spent the night in jail. >> he asked to speak to the sheriff or a local judge but his critics say he crossed the line, abusing his power and asking for special treatment . . officials are standing behind the lieutenant governor saying he didn't ask for anything out of line. >> it appears this may be the end of the road for the san diego mayor. reports say he is now prepared to resign after a month long sexual harassment scandal. that's something other democrats have been demanding along with a long line of women who say he mistreated them. >> when we posed for the photograph there was a hand on my back to my buttocks. >> he asked me to work without my underwear on. >> whatever agreement has been reached will be vot
minerals in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >> just eight months after the school massacre at sandy who can elementary, there's been another school shooting, a gunman walked into an atlanta area elementary school firing shots. the school's bookkeeper managed to get him to surrender. parts of their incredible conversation were captured on a newly released 911 call. we have more. >> antoine tuft. >> he went outside and started shooting. >> can you get somewhere safe? >> i've got to go. call me back. >> instead of fleeing, the school bookkeeper stayed to talk to the suspected shooter, 20-year-old michael brandon hill. >> i want to let you know that you do not try to harm me or do anything, that doesn't make any difference, you didn't hit anybody. >> school children rushed to safety. police say the shooter entered the academy on thursday at noon, carrying 500 rounds of ammunition and an a.k.47 assault style rifle. the gunman told tuft he was off his medications an
on facebook. >> the junior senator from texas, ted cruz, continues his crusade against funding the affordable care act. but texas governor rick perry now wants $100 million of the funding that ted cruz wants to kill. the affordable care act funding and he wants that directed to texas. he claims to be just as opposed as ted cruz is, but now he is looking at obtaining medicaid funding from the affordable care act for texas. and ari melber is shocked, right? you're just stunned. >> it is stunning. the saddest part of the article in "politico," reporting that if this is actually discussed, perry may back out. >> two minutes left in the show. >> so we're not helping. >> let's talk about it, or something else. we're not supposed to discuss it because this will be bad for the people of texas if perry doesn't vote for this medicaid funding. >> and i think republicans, which is sad, they are even aware of it. their argument is yeah, we don't want any money for our people to have this health care. you have money in the program, more than some expected given that republicans claimed they would go agains
, the justice department filed a lawsuit against the state of texas to block that state's voter i.d. law that went in effect a mere hours after the supreme court's decision essentially gutted the -- in a statement here, eric holder said -- we will not allow the supreme court's recent decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue measures that suppress voting rights. in fact, within hours of that comment, senator john cornyn of texas, who is one partisan paul, issued his own statement, saying -- facts mean little to a justice department bent on inserting itself into the sovereign affairs of texas and a lame-duck administration in trying to turn our state blue. excuse me, senator. lame duck? we are six months into a four-year presidential term, but that's the way they want us to think, isn't it, clarence? they've been really good at it. make people think that obama is on his way out the door. >> sure. the irony of this is, as was mentioned earlier, while the republicans have put so much attention on voter i.d. they had a problem getting white and blue collar male voters to
, the texas governor is reportedly lobbying the white house for $100 million in obama care funding. according to politico, texas health eaches are in talks with the administration to accept federal funding to for the funned iffing first act. governor perry is not 0 lone in his secret crush on the thing he publicly hates the most. so far, six republican governors have expanded medicaid in their states. jan brewer, chris christie, terry branstad, susana martinez, brian sandoval and jack dalrymple. after years of railing against it, republicans are finally going to understand that the affordable care act actually helps people. in this, perhaps, governor perry expressed it best. >> sorry. oops. joining us now is msnbc policy analyst "the washington post's" ezra klein. we use every excuse we can to play the rick perry oops moment. he does seem to be having a little bit of an oops insofar as he's going to take a sharpie out and wipe away as much of the funding for obama care as possible and is asking for $100 million to implement parts of actually obama care. >> well, let me come in a little bit in
and carried out the attack in 2009 at that post in texas. he's never even disputed it. while he's been representing himself throughout the trial, he's had very little to say, put up no defense virtually, just about the only words spoken today were, "the defense chooses not to make a closing statement." the 13-member jury needs only a 2/3 majority to find major hassan guilty of the charges, but if they want the military to execute him they will have to all be on board. casey stegall with the news tonight. casey? >> every single person on that panel is a senior ranking army official, an officer, a rank in fact of major or higher. they were carefully selected, you'll remember, at the beginning of july from u.s. army posts all around the world. they have not been sequestered since this court martial began on august 6th, but clearly instructed not to read anything about this extremely high-profile case, watch any news reports about it or talk with anyone about their involvement. at this hour they're going through the long list of 45 charges, 13 premeditated murder for those who died, and 39
los resultados, algo que texas a podido aprovechar en la carrera por la division... brad miller en la quinta pego este cuadrangular; griffin lanzo 6 entradas permitiendo 4 carreras en 5 hits... triunfo de seattle de 5 a 3... oakland cae 2 juego detras de texas en la division... wipe vo ----ultimo partido de la serie frente a los medias rojas de boston... hoy barry zito tuvo una tarde desastroza... lanzo 3 y dos tercios de entrada permitiendo 7 imparables para 6 carreras limpias, uno de esto un cuadrangular de 2 carreras en la segunda entrada... boston apaleo 12 a 1 a los gigantes que no encuentran la solucion en su bullpen.... jf on chroma ---hoy es miercoles dia de disfrutar la jugadas gigantes de esta semana... take sot el sabado en miami con dos outs pablo sandoval encendio las turbinas y en una jugada peligrosa logro el sencillo y la primera carrera en el triunfo de los gigantes... la combinacion perfecta en la defensiva de san francisco; 6ta entrada - scutaro para crawford - crawford para belt y la doble matanza.... en la novena entrada joaquin arias con un ojo en la bola otro en
a possible death sentence. >>> in austin, texas, a man is charged with trying to crash a plane by working to open the emergency exits while it was in the air. the airtran flight from baltimore made an emergency landing in memphis on monday. randolph robinson is charged with attempting to damage an aircraft. the indictment says robinson's actions forced flight attendants to physically remove him from the doors. no one on board that plane was hurt. >>> delaware attorney general bo biden is in great shape and will be discharged from the hospital today. vice president joe biden says his son has had a successful medical procedure at a cancer center in houston, texas. he is being evaluated after becoming weak and disoriented last week. there's no word now on what that procedure was. >>> more affordable college education, that's the focus of a two-day bus tour by president barack obama that kicks off today. the president will visit schools in new york and pennsylvania to push through a number of proposals aimed at curbing the rising and higher costs of higher education. the president says pric
contrato a un abogado para ver si la niÑa quedÓ bajo custodia de autoridades en texas ya que no tiene otro familiares en otro estado. >> estaba tranquilo porque estaba con su mamÁ mi hija, pero ahora noit sÉ no se dÓnde estÁ y tengo que reclamar, no pude dormir ayer estoy preocupado ya me tengo que poner las pilas para recuperar a mi hija. >> al preguntarle si cree en la inocencia de su ex pareja esto fue lo que contestÓ. >> pues la verdad ni la juzgo, no sÉ si estuvo bien si estuvo mal, no sÉ ni que hizo lo Único que puedo decir realmente que era buena madre. >> la procuradurÍa habia enviado una solicitud de aprehensiÓn. >> omar el gato ortiz ex portero de rayados de monterrey fue arrestado junto a otras personas por su presunta participaciÓn en el secuestro del marido de la trevi y otras 19 personas. >> hasta ahora autoridades no han explicado cuÁl habrÍa sido la participaciÓn de lucy garza en el secuestro del esposo de la cantante se espera que sea trasladada aquÍ a nuevo leÓn una vez que sea entregada a autoridades mexicanas, en monterrey mÉxico, francisco cobos, "prim
the pitch. ted cruz down in texas the other night. >> if president obama decides that he's going to force a partial temporary government shutdown, and it's worth noting the last time that happened, we saw number one the parade of horrible people like to talk about on tv that didn't happen. what happened was a temporary suspension of nonessential federal government spending. >> well, that's, of course, what happens if he does blink. of course, what this is ridiculous. let's play around with this nuclear button for awhile and see what happens. if you don't do it, it doesn't do it. but if both sides take that point of view, what happens? >> then we do have a shutdown. >> and default and it keeps going. >> i think obama is going to stand this time. he knows he caved in 2011. i think he's going to stand a little tougher. most people will blame the republicans. most people know the republicans are saying no to everything and causing more trouble. >> jim you said something. he's not the oldest guy in the world. i'm older than him, obviously. i was thinking, jim, does he have any history under hi
pacifico bajo de avión de texas a ciudad de méxico y es deportada y detanida respodne por acusaciones de operaciones ilicitas, que puede llevar años . >> al ser delito grave no acepta la libertad, el proceso sería con ella en la cárcel . >> podría afectar la liberación de caro quintero , es que este fundo el cartel de guadalajara, . >> noj tengo duda que en él proceso se determina que puede salir o que no es bien juzgado en contra de ella no tengo duda que la justicia en méxico crece . >> pero sandra por ahora esta en paneal de alta seguridad donde espera el tiempo de su proceos. >> cuándo tenga sentencia dicen que los 70 meses entre prisioens también se pueden tomar en cuenta . >> temblor sacude acapulco en méxico, 6,2 epicentro cerca de la costa, entrada de edificio colapso y ventanas se rompen se cancelas clases en acapulco . >> no hay heridos . >> seguimos en méxico familiares de policías detenudos en michoacán dicen que su delito intertar detener el crimen organizado . >> familiares de los policías detenidos por militares piden ayuda . >> dicen que su delito es defens
closer and a 1, 2, 3 night strikes out the side. a's lose it 5-3 and fall two and a half behind texas in the west. the rangers come up big against the astros and tied at 4 and bases loaded. pop up, former a row sal less tag expght throw is -- tagging and it is high. the rangers win it 5-4 and anders the hero gets treated like this. just give me my jersey. the giants and red sox. i left early in my boat because i had seen enough of this. bruce bochy said barry zito deserved another start and he got what he deserved on that pitch. a two-run homer for a 2-0 lead. move to the fourth and this isn't barry's fault. a can of corn for someone, anyone. bueller? bueller? middlebrook scores to make it 6-1 and zito goes 3 and two-thirdsthirds and six earned runs allowed. 12-1 the final. the sox take two of three in the series. in his day he played against the likes of joe montana and dan -- dan marino. one of the best quarterbacks ever. this is fun since kaepernick started, what, 11 nfl games? the key part of the phrase is could be and kaep gets it. >> i am working. to me it is a great honor he sa
dad wasn't, but my mother was a little prejudice. you know, arkansas and texas. i never spentand -- i mean, we never picked up on that. so i don't know. when you say you did your own job about that, she knew how i felt. but she could have gone the other way. who knows? but she had that love of humanity. i love when she said "i don't know why people, when they enter a room, don't smile enough. because when you do that, the whole world opens up to you. i can honestly say i feel joy on a daily basis." that was who she was. tavis: how does a mother process having a daughter asked her to finish her work? that is an admission that i won't make it. >>) yet. -- right. yep. i wanted to be able to say to her i would do it. but i had to be honest. as i say, her request had been a burden until they figured out, you know, we can do even more , by letting showing the reader in on who carrie was rather than just finishing her story, which is in this -- interesting in its own. so once i got the key of how to do this, i just started on my computer. i write on the computer. i swear, i felt her on my ri
, 2, 3 night strikes out the side. a's lose it 5-3 and fall two and a half behind texas in the west. the rangers come up big against the astros and tied at 4 and bases loaded. pop up, former a row sal less tag expght throw is -- tagging and it is high. the rangers win it 5-4 and anders the hero gets treated like this. just give me my jersey. the giants and red sox. i left early in my boat because i had seen enough of this. bruce bochy said barry zito deserved another start and he got what he deserved on that pitch. a two-run homer for a 2-0 lead. move to the fourth and this isn't barry's fault. a can of corn for someone, anyone. bueller? bueller? middlebrook scores to make it 6-1 and zito goes 3 and two-thirdsthirds and six earned runs allowed. 12-1 the final. the sox take two of three in the series. in his day he played against the likes of joe montana and dan -- dan marino. one of the best quarterbacks ever. this is fun since kaepernick started, what, 11 nfl games? the key part of the phrase is could be and kaep gets it. >> i am working. to me it is a great honor he said that and
to that stunning 911 call from a rising political star. texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst tries to get a relative out of jail. after she was arrested for what he calls a mistaken charge. abc's john muller has the story on whether this was a call an abuse of power? >> this is david dewhurst. i'm the lieutenant governor of the state of texas. >> reporter: david dewhurst is one of the most powerful people in texas politics. which might explain why he seemed miffed this month, when the officer on this 911 call didn't seem to know who he was. >> you don't know me. but i am, every year, the number one pick of all of the law enforcement agencies within texas. >> reporter: dewhurst was calling the allen county police, to help get his stepniece out of jail. saying she had been unfairly detained for shoplifting at a grocery store. >> apparently a bag involving $57 worth of groceries wasn't scanned. >> reporter: during the call, dewhurst was running for re-election, continues to ask how he can keep his relative out of jail. asking to speak to the sheriff or a local judge. >> can you give me the t
to mississippi or texas or whether we have escaped from. this is the only place on earth that we have so we have a special bloogs to maintain a sanctuary for lgbt people. i think this is the moment where the city is recognizing there's a problem and not all gay people are rich and thank you for your support >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm at lyric. i feel it's important for the commissioners to approve this as a former queer trans youth it's difficult four us i mean the queer and queer variant. when i was in the homeless shelter it was difficult i faced many prejudices. even when shelter say they address accident queer or the transgenders i know they don't. i notice a lot of any sisters from the age of 16 to 24 their subject to a lot of abuse and be it physical or verbal they suffer abuse in general. it's hard to exist in a closed-minded society. you're not seen as the person you are but whatever someone else knows you represent. so many of my sisters are forced out into the street to do prostitution or anyway to make a living. i feel as though we're losing some of the brig
a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >> al jazeera america, a new voice in american journalism. introduces america tonight. >> in egypt police fired tear gas -- >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >> they risk never returning to the united states. >> we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot >> companies are finding ways to cust costs at the affordable care act approaches. the company said spouses should get coverage from their own employers. it is the highest profile company to make the move, but not the only company looking to make add adjustments. lots of other host jack berkman. thanks for of this are the working class. >> i think when you talk about losers, what we see is that costs have over a
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acusado de matar a trece personas en texas, en el 2009, se iniciarÍa hoy mismo las deliberaciones, si lo declaran culpable, serÍa enviado a la sala de ejecuciones para pagar su delito, con su propia vida, hasan no testificÓ, la Única evidencia que enviÓ a jurado, eso una evaluaciÓn de su jefe que lo califica como buen soldado, el gobierno de obama revelÓ secretos de espionaje. reconociÓ que ordeno a la agencia de seguridad nacional, dejar de revisar e-mail de estadounidenses que no tenÍan relaciÓn con el terrorismo, serÍan 56 mil correos electrÓnicos, una corte le ordenÓ a la agencia que lo hiciera, tambiÉn en respuesta por parte del gobierno, las filtraciones, del ex analista de filtraciÓn de inteligecia, y prÓfugo de autoridades edward snowden. policÍas de massachusetts tienen una nueva visiÓn contra el delito, lentes equipados con minicÁmaras que captan lo que tiene alrededor. la cÁmara esta adherida a gafas, y graba cada movimiento de cabeza de la gente que la utiliza, cuando detecta a un conductor con exceso de velocidad, o suceso sospechoso en un operativo, se lo
lost every single day. it was a beautiful thing. i went from boston to florida, across to texas, into new orleans, down into mexico, eventually finished up coming across the golden gate bridge. and with so many stories this is the thing. everybody had a story to tell. this was the beautiful thing about america too. people were open and gracious and kind. i didn't sleep one single night in a hotel. i either camped out in a forest or by the river or people invited me into their homes. and it was just sort of fantastic. >> stephen: it is the accent you realize, it is disarming. it's a leprechaun what can possibly do to us. (applause) >> i know. >> stephen: well, colum mccann, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> stephen: colum mccann, the book is transatlantic. we'll be right back. thank you. d8p8$ captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org ♪ two... two, three... ♪ ♪ (humming) are you about to brush your teeth? yeah. why? no reason. (giggles) (laughs) what's so funny? eh, nothing. wait a minute. have you been using my toothbr
backlash from us. in northoral mondays carolina. you see wendy davis and the filibuster in texas. and you're having a big rally. -- for reproductive rights, october 2. we're going to fight back. we are not going to give up the ground we have right now. we must go forward. i keep saying this in my head. justice delayed is justice denied. we cannot lose a generation to the tea party years -- partiers. [applause] >> that is certainly a difficult act to follow. i'm truly delighted to be here on behalf of the wyca of the u.s. i am proud to say that dr. dorothy was a leader in our movement for over 30 years. she was the director of our center for racial justice. for more than 150 years, the ywca has been dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. we were one of the first institutions to defy accepted social opinions on race. when you think about the present, as i was sitting at my chair, i started to get a little bit depressed. thinking, clearly, the death of trayvon martin and the acquittal of his killer, the voting rights act assault, the healthcare disparity, the achievement gap,
others in the texas army post back in 2009 p.m. major hasan has remained mostly silent during the trial. in his opening statement he said the evidence would show he switched sides. i mentioned the deliberations began. do we know anything more than that? >> reporter: no other than they just started. they got to work at about 1:45 p.m. texas time, 2:45. many people believe this is an open and shut case. they go through all the charges. there's 45 total. a little confusing but hasan charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. and then 32 counts of attempted predemeditated murder. both sides agreed to the less near clueded offense, unpremeditated murder, attempted unpremeditated murder and two variations of aggravated assault. these lesser included offensives under the premeditated murder umbrella we should point out a unanimous decision by the 13 member package is not required for a guilty verdict in a court martial rather a two-thirds majority, in other words, shepard, nine of the 13 panel members. >> what did the prosecution cover in its closing? >> reporter: it lasted about an hour a
look at houston, the big story tonight, the justice department will sue the state of texas over the voter id law. attorney general eric holder said the government will not allow the recent supreme court decision throwing out the most powerful part of the voting rights act to become open season on voting rights. governor rick perry said he will fight what he calls the administration's end run around the supreme court. that is tonight's look outside the beltway, from special report. we'll be right back. ♪ reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. thank u. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only fro
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